AV & Production

Awesome AV are an established London AV production company, satisfying the needs of our clients predominantly in London and the South East, but stretching the length of the UK and now overseas.

Awesome AV have established a niche in the London AV market by offering a full production and management team that oversee all the steps needed to make your event truly Awesome.

“The only Limitation is your Imagination”. If you are looking for London AV then give Awesome AV a call

AV & Production Events

Conferences & Awards

Organising an in-house conference or Award ceremony for employees or existing and potential new clients can be a very strenuous time. There are a multitude of options and considerations, not least in selecting an appropriate venue as well as any accommodation or hospitality packages to suit the size, budget and requirements of your organisation.

From venue negotiations, accommodation allocation, conference space, registration, event management to the whole execution of your conference, Awesome AV can assist. Why work with 20 different suppliers when you can just work with the best?

Fortunately, no matter the chosen venue, you can rely on the Team from Awesome Audio Visual to streamline the event delivery through a range of top-tier Audio Visual services and innovative production solutions that can be transported and supplied anywhere in London

Your confidence is assured through proven AV solutions that deliver time and time again.

Pop-up Events

Awesome Audio Visual can provide everything from planning solutions, set design and any audio/video equipment that may be required as well as the technicians to help ensure that your pop up runs smoothly.

Additional tech may be used to increase marketing opportunities, and improve footfall to your pop up event such as drone videography to film some unique angles of your pop up event and the live streaming of your event to an online audience.

Charity Events

Charity Events are about maximum results for minimal investment. Awesome Av will help you achieve your fundraising targets and hopefully exceed them. Charity events have to be engaging and convey emotive experiences but at the same time exposing the audience to the special vision of you, the organiser.

Charity events, fund raisers and non-for-profit organisations have a very hard time balancing the budget for establishing an event against the returns that you are looking to achieve.

Our project managers will assist you with the venue, logistics and execution of your vision.

Discover how easy it is working with Awesome Av at your next charity event and how partnering with a high end AV company can enhance your charity event and create maximum return and excellent sponsorship opportunities.

And Much More

Awesome has a wide breadth of knowledge and experience boasting a diverse portfolio of past clients and events. Whether you are looking for a small installation at a product launch or planning a large outdoor festival we have got you covered.

Equipment Rentals

Projectors & Screens

Projectors and Screens are a simple and effective method used to show visual images or presentations. At Awesome Audio Visual London we carry a large stock of projectors, we use a range of leading brands, from Panasonic, Canon, Barco, Epsom, Sanyo, and Christie.

Choosing the right projector is crucial to make your event a success, you might only require a small projector to assist with a team meeting in conference breakout room all the way up to several Hi-Definition Projectors for an international conference.

Video Equipment

Our team of experienced and commercially aware professionals will tailor the filming of the event to your specific objectives.

Whether it is creating a live stream or developing a marketing video for business development, we will look after all elements of the production in a discreet manner, ensuring no impact to the smooth running of the event.

Every solution is different and each offering is dependent on the size of the event, what your priorities are, how many cameras are required and the specific lighting set up required.

All of these factors and more will be discussed with you by our professional technicians on a pre-arranged site visit to make sure you get absolute maximum value from your event.


A drone has a number of photography and videography uses and is a modern method of documenting your event from aerial angles. You may want to document your event from the perfect angles for a variety of marketing purposes; a drone can even be used in conjunction with live streaming to create a truly unique marketing experience.

Our drones can also be used for aerial building inspections, a cost effective method of inspecting buildings using photography, rather than scaffolding or cherry pickers.


Indoor, outdoor, camera riser or 100ft circular stage, Awesome AV can make your stage the focus of your audience. Working with blue chip clients over many years we realise that huge importance needs to be put on the stage and staging elements. The height or position of your stage can have great impact on the delivery of your message.

Your award ceremony, product launch or festival is only as good as the stage that it is built on. Without a good foundation you cannot build an award winning sky scraper.


Nothing has more impact on the mood and feel of an event than awesome lighting & effects. Regardless of the size or location of your event, whether it’s an intimate wedding party, BBQ reception or large scale charity fund raising event, lighting can enhance your ambient mood.

Awesome AV has the solution to suit your occasion and we have stylists working alongside our technical team to engage your audience

We believe that lighting design has to be at the heart of any event and we aim to challenge the boundaries of what is possible to create visually stunning spaces that harness the exact atmosphere you are looking for from the event.

Whether it be intelligent lighting, led, outdoor lighting or just stage lighting for a speaker, Awesome AV has the know how and stock to make your event light up! We have specialists who understand the fundamentals and technicalities of what you are trying to achieve.


Delivering amazing and clear sound is a very important production element for any live event. Awesome Audio Visual have many years of experience of supplying sound system equipment to conferences, product launches, and festivals.

However large or small your production is, our team of sound engineers and project managers will assist and advise you on the best equipment to use for your event.


I don't know what type of equipment I will need

Every solution is different and each offering is dependent on the size of the event, what your priorities are, how many cameras are required and the specific lighting set up required.

All of these factors and more will be discussed with you by our professional technicians on a pre-arranged site visit to make sure you get absolute maximum value from your event.


Our friendly professionals are with you from start to finish to assist with all aspects of your event, big or small. 

I cannot operate the equipment I am looking to hire

No matter what your requirements we can provide professioal AV technicians and management to plan, setup and operate any equipment as needed as well as derig all equipment post event.

Is long term hire available?

Whether you need AV hire for a few hours or a few weeks we can provide for your event. Get in touch with our friendly professionals today and we can discuss your requirements.

Can you match my budget?

We will do our best to match your budget and beat any competitors pricing.