Employee Engagement

Team Building

Team Building activities are a great way to introduce new members of the team into your companies culture and to strengthen existing relationships with the current team. These can be tailored to suit your team and what you are aiming to get out of the day(s).

We Come To You!

The Awesome team can bring the employee engagement initiative to you! We can work in spaces near you or even in your office. A large amount of our experiences can be brought directly to you and produced in whatever space you have to offer.

Virtual Experiences

Are you still working from home or in a hybrid capacity? Not to worry, Awesome has an option for you. From horse racing to quizzes, our virtual experiences can be a fit for any group size or occasion.


Drive Engagement

Investing in employee engagement will grow productivity, efficiency and sales achievements by offering something in return. Whether it’s providing fun and exciting work parties, team building activities, workshops or learning lunches. These schemes all help to inspire and stimulate your workforce in a more productive way leading to long term success.


Retain your Valued Employees

Create a culture that you can keep! A culture of reward and recognition will maintain loyal employees and the resources and expertise saturated.


Surprise and Celebrate Your Employees

Show your employees that you appreciate their hard work and dedication by reciprocating and celebrating their achievements and encourage them to appreciate and follow your company values.


What are the benefits of employee engagement?

There are a number of fantastic benefits in organising an employee engagement event for your team including boosts in productivity, team bonding, higher employee retention and a reduction in burnout.

And after the last few years everyone needs a bit more fun!

Do you run virtual employee engagement sessions?

We can organise virtual employee engagement sessions for you! So if your business has gone remote or your employees are spread around the country this may be perfect for you.

Where will our employee engagement sessions take place?

Wherever you like! We have a number of activity days available out of the office as well as a number of virtual options or we can even organise something at your place of work!