Exhibition Stands

Our set build arm of the Awesome Group, Event Set Services are the industries go to supplier for all things conference and exhibition related.

We have many years of experience not only building exhibition stands but managing exhibitions ourselves making us experts in the field from multiple perspectives.

From start to finish we can create the most memorable exhibition stands to wow potential new clients at any upcoming exhibitions you may have.

Exhibition Stands

Exhibition Print

When it comes to exhibition print of any kind, our customers enjoy cheaper prices, quicker turnaround and easy last minute changes without compromising on quality or customer service. This is because we produce our print ourselves in our UK based factory. Large or small print, no job is too difficult or too involved. We want to work with you to ensure the print you receive for your exhibition stand is AWESOME.

Graded Exhibition Stands

We are adept at creating graded exhibition stands for our clients which can range from bronze, silver & gold stand types. However we do offer bespoke designs that will vary on content and pricing depending on your requirements. We take our clients’ designs and tailor the construction to their budget. This type of bulk construction can mean superb savings for large projects.

Exhibition Installation

Whatever the size of their project, our clients rely on us consistently delivering on our promises. Our Project Managers will work closely with our fitting team to make sure the job gets done on time, and to the high standard of finish our clients expect. No matter the venue or location, we will work to ensure all the logistics are handled, transport is organised and your stand is delivered and built on time for your event.

Production Management

Our project managers are here to work with you from the start, doing everything they can to create your vision. This starts in the consultation stage where images and mock-up graphics can be produced for you to view. Our team will use this to work towards the final finished product. We have the expertise to provide design assistance where required and give you a technical steer on construction.

Hybrid Exhibition Stands

When it comes to flexibility in construction materials Awesome are second to none. We combine aluminium frame systems with timber to create superb results. This flexibility has proved to be advantageous to our clients’ designs and budget. Whether you are a first-time, or an existing client, we will provide 3D  visuals of your exhibition stand – allowing you to visualise your upcoming stand and make any final adjustments.

Porsche Project

Concept Art


Can my exhibition stand be personalised / branded?

Every stand can be branded and personalised to your exact requirements. Our team work with you to make your stand Awesome!

Will you help design our exhibition stand?

A dedicated Awesome team member will work alongside you to ensure the exhibition stand is designed to your liking.

Can I use the exhibition stand again for another event?

We aim to reduce wastage as much as possible, therefore all of our stands are designed in order to be re-used again and again.

Can I show pictures and videos at my exhibition stand?

We use the latest technology to allow for high definition streaming or projection of images / videos onto or out of your stand.