Facts and Figures of Doktoberfest 2019!


Take a look at our infographic on Doktoberfest 2019 for all the facts and figures on our first-ever Oktoberfest.

7357 Tickets Sold

A whopping 7357 tickets have been sold so far across all of our nights. With 2 more nights to go, we are hoping to cross the 8000 mark. Not bad for our first Oktoberfest right?

Over 35,000 pints drunk!

Over 35,000 pints have been drunk so if you work out the math that’s nearly 5 pints of beer per person. That’s the same as 280 full bathtubs of beer!


We didn’t only serve beer! Doktoberfest also served over 3500 Jägerbombs, from our Red Bull sponsored bar!

Dancing singing all night long

102 hours of Bavarian, Rock and Club bangers have been playing throughout the run of our take on Oktoberfest.

We hope everyone had an AWESOME time at Doktoberfest and don’t forget that there are 2 more dates left to come to Doktoberfest. We are also giving away 2 for 1 ticket so be sure to go to www.doktoberfest.co.uk to get a seat at our closing weekend!


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