Fashion Shows

Awesome can provide a number of different services all under one roof to bring your next fashion show to life and wow your entire audience.

From providing venues and AV, to sophisticated stageset and custom cat walk builds we can do it all, worried about catering we have got your back there too. 

Leave your next fashion show to the Awesome team and let us take the stress so you can enjoy the glam.

Fashion Shows


We are passionate about making your event look amazing, and that means giving you access to all of the latest trends in fashion. From catwalk-inspired spaces to trendy nightclubs, we have everything you need for your next show.

Why settle for less than the best in this quickly evolving industry, when you need an Awesome venue, we’ve got you covered.

AV & Production

Awesome has a leading AV company in our group supplying and managing all of your AV needs for your next fashion show event. We provide a full range of services from project management to installation and operation. All our systems are designed to be modular, scalable and high tech to meet the most demanding requirements. We also provide a full range of services from project management to streaming your event live globally.

Custom Stage Sets and Catwalk Builds

Designing a catwalk stage set is not an easy task. It requires a lot of time and creativity to make it look high end. But with the help of Awesome, you can get the perfect stage set for your next fashion show.

Awesome is a company that specialises in creating custom sets for live events and fashion shows. They have created sets for some of the most prestigious brands in the world. We can manage your fashion show project from the planning stage right through to the finish and provide a beautiful completely custom catwalk and stage set.


What services can you provide to help me with my fashion show?

We can provide everything under one roof minimising complications with a lot of different suppliers. We can provide everything from venues and event management to AV equipment and a production team.

We can also help you build your dream stageset and catwalk, completley custom to your requirements.

Can we hold a fashion show in one of your venues?

Our award winning venues could be perfect for your next fashion show, if they don’t meet your requirements we can place you with one of our partners and do all the hard work of finding the perfect place for your requirements.

Can you help us with a fashion show in someone else's venue?

We can provide a number of services mentioned above to help your fashion show run smoothly oustide of the remit of our own venues